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Moving Home Checklist

For anyone who is preparing to move house, you must choose the best removals company to work with. Wolverhampton Removals & Storage have decades of experience in the sector and provide high-security storage facilities and efficient, reliable service. However it’s a good idea to have a checklist to make the process smoother for you.

Packing Checklist

1. Sort valuables from general contents
Make sure any belongings of high personal value are separated from the rest, then wrapped thoroughly and individually and labelled. This will save last-minute panic if these valuables get lost, including jewellery, photos and financial papers and information.

2. Sort out disposable items 
While you organise your entire home contents, this is a great opportunity to create a pile of unwanted items that can be thrown away. This obviously reduces packing time.

3. Box organisation 
The most effective way to organise removal boxes is to label them. Labelling ideas could be: the room they belong in, if they hold fragile items, specifying opening order e.g. “Open First”.

4. Pack by room 
Pack contents one room at a time and fill any remaining space with padding or bubble wrap for added protection in transit.

5. Laying or standing items 
The general rule goes; plates should be stood of their edges, books should be laid flat and clothes should be placed in special wardrobe boxes to avoid creasing.

6. Protect mirrors & pictures 
You can quickly and easily strengthen mirrors and pictures by making an ‘X’ with masking tape across the glass surface. Finish off by wrapping them in bubble wrap and packing flat.

7. Preparing for removal 
Stack boxes along the wall of each room, avoiding walkways. This will allow removal to be more efficient and safer for everyone involved.

8. Use high quality wrapping paper 
Don’t use newspaper, as it can cause stains. Instead, use specialist wrapping paper or bubble wrap to pad the bottom and side of all boxes. Don’t use shredded paper because it can get stuck in electrical equipment.






General Checklist

1. Get a clear quote 
When you apply for a quote with a removals and storage company, make it clear which items need moving, which are most important and which can be sold. Then you can receive the most accurate estimate.

2. Insurance 
It is recommended that you take out insurance to cover any damage that might be caused to your belongings. We provide £50,000 (extra cover can be arranged if required) worth of in-transit insurance cover free for our removal service, but it is still advisable.

3. Mains disconnection
Arrange to have all meters read and mains services disconnected. Also make sure that passports, night bags, money etc. are kept by your side and not packed.

4. Use up expiry date food 
Food with short expiry dates or freezer food should be used up, as the removal company isn’t responsible for food perishing.

5. Have a spare key 
Having a spare key to give to the removal team will prevent wasted time unloading, if they arrive at your new home before you.

6. Final checks 
Before leaving, have one last look around the house for anything left behind. Make sure all light fittings are removed if necessary.





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